The Individual Journey

The Team Journey

The Organisational Journey

We are passionate about leadership and systemic change.  Our work focuses on the journey of individuals, teams, and organisations – recognising their interdependency and harnessing it for the common good.

The content of what we do spans three areas:

We work with individuals, teams, and organisations to support them in reaching their goals.  This takes the form of leadership consulting, coaching, workshops, training, public speaking, and quantitative / qualitative assessment.  We are only interested in working with clients who are truly committed to making a difference, as that is what makes the work fulfilling for us.  Our methods are unconventional but our track record thus far is very strong.  We have often been called in to support clients when all other tactics have failed, with successful results.

As a think tank, we aspire to contribute to the field of ethical leadership in a way that is meaningful for the corporate sector.  We are constantly reflecting on client work to enhance our own learning and using these insights to conduct action research.  We have established relationships with several universities and international communities of practice, where our work is often featured.  Additionally, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research within our leadership community and produce regular thought pieces.  Synchronous Leadership as a philosophy guides all of our work.

As practitioners, we do not see ourselves as superior to our clients.  Rather, we are on a journey alongside them.  This means that our own experiences of challenge and ongoing growth are essential.  As a team, we use our lives and interpersonal dynamics to test and refine the concepts we use with clients.  This is not always easy but ultimately contributes to our own quality of life.  We are also active in leading systemic change in various communities on a volunteer basis.  This allows us to sharpen our toolkit, increase the connectivity of our network, and align our work with what will have the biggest impact for clients and for society.

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