“Getting Uncomfortable” on May 10, 2018

Our second event of the year with the wider Tightrope Walker community was a delightfully uncomfortable evening!  The room was packed, with not a seat to spare.  We discussed the trends in business and society that are making us uncomfortable, and explored the importance of being willing to get uncomfortable in order to facilitate change.  Our three speakers – Peter Slater, Ahmed Azam, and David Pearson – embodied this, stretching beyond their comfort zone to share their three enlightening stories on this topic.  Their case studies highlighted the transformation that occurs when we are willing to challenge our narratives from childhood in order to evolve as leaders, and the courage that this requires.

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  • IN THE GREEN ROOM: Justine and the three brave speakers – David Pearson, Ahmed Azam, Peter Slater – prepare for the evening ahead

  • PRE-SEMINAR RECEPTION: CSL Fellow Charlotte Young enjoys good conversation with Debbie Slater and Nneka Abulokwe

  • PRE-SEMINAR RECEPTION: CSL Tightrope Walker Daniel Danso has a great chat in the reception with Andrew Fairbairn, Tim Campbell MBE, and Hamza Saghir

  • PRE-SEMINAR RECEPTION: Recent graduate of the Walk the Tightrope Course Perry Burton is engrossed in conversation with Baroness Elizabeth Barker and Roland Marsden

  • PRE-SEMINAR RECEPTION: CSL Changemaker Tunji Akintokun catches up with Tightrope Walker Rashid Adam

  • WARMING UP: The theme of the evening begins to take shape as participants consider what makes them uncomfortable

  • WARMING UP: CSL Tightrope Walker Sophia Alimperti smiles as she describes the things that make her uncomfortable

  • WARMING UP: CSL Elder Geraldine Sharpe-Newton shares her current sources of discomfort, including a historical perspective on how business and society have changed

  • WARMING UP: CSL Tightrope Walkers Jennifer Stanzl and Rashid Adam are excited to be reconnected after completing the programme last year

  • FIRST ROUND: Peter Slater shares his inspiring story, that culminates in his receipt of the Chairman’s award for leading the Mental Health Campaign at Northern Trust

  • FIRST ROUND: Elias and CSL Tightrope Walker Luma Zitani explore the implications of Peter’s story with others at their table

  • SECOND ROUND: Ahmed Azam charms the audience, providing a glimpse into his tremendous career in the Civil Service, and challenges us all to consider multiple perspectives

  • SECOND ROUND: CSL Tightrope Walkers Jason Sloan and Vibeka Mair examine the key themes raised in Ahmed’s story

  • THIRD ROUND: David Pearson provides the final piece of the puzzle, sharing the touching story of his childhood, career and leadership of the award-winning BREATHE LGBT Network at KPMG

  • THIRD ROUND: Baroness Elizabeth Barker leads the debate at her table about the scenario David has presented

  • CONCLUSION: Justine ties the various themes of the evening together as community members reflect on key takeaways

  • CONCLUSION: The three speakers pose with Justine as they receive a heartfelt round of applause

  • CONCLUSION: The speakers invite their spouses up to the stage to acknowledge the supportive role they have played in their personal and professional journeys

  • CONCLUSION: CSL Musician Hezron Springer dazzles us with his talent and captures the emotions of the evening in an original piece

  • POST-SEMINAR RECEPTION: CSL Tightrope Walker Stuart Smith enjoys catching up with Professor Nora Colton

  • POST-SEMINAR RECEPTION: CSL Extended Team Member Georgina Weekes enjoys connecting with Dorian Peake

  • POST-SEMINAR RECEPTION: Justine is delighted to catch up with Hamza Saghir, GDPR guru and co-leader of the amazing CUBE Network for UK Muslim professionals

  • CSL EXTENDED TEAM: Elias stands proudly with the awesome CSL team who have made this event happen, including Mariya Ali, Georgina Weekes, Giulia Bagnasco and Peter Williams

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